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Are all dogs suitable for day care

Dogs are subject to an assessment before being accepted to see how they interact with the other dogs. All other dogs have been assessed and are suitable for day-care. Some dogs are not suitable due to a number of reasons, but we can tailor a settling for your dog and most dogs respond well abd quickly thrive, and we will quickly learn your dogs behaviours in day-care and we will work around your dogs needs.

My dog has not been neutered. Can he still come to day care?

Dogs can come that are not neutered as long as their behaviour doesn’t show signs of aggression. So each case is assessed on its own merits.

Can I have a longer walk or additional walk for my dog?

Yes one walk is a part of a full day dogs routine, an additional afternoon walk can be added and purchased. Half day dogs care does not include a walk. But again, can be purchased if you wish. For more information about other Doggy Day Care services that we offer here in Tadcaster please check the website or contact us via the Contact Us page.

Will you feed my dog?

We do not provide food or have any set feeding routine, but if you want us to feed your dog and follow your routine, your dog can enjoy their food with some quiet time in one of our pens. Food to be provided with instructions from owners.

What are your opening hours?

Our doggy day care Tadcaster unit is open between 7.30am and 6.00pm. We can be flexible at additional cost and with enough notice.

Is there a cancellation fee, should I decide to take a day off work?

Every last minute cancellation is lost revenue to the business and may have denied another dog /owner a day-care place. Cancelations with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a £10 charge. Emergency vet visits will be exempt from the charge on proof of appointment.

What happens if my dog falls ill whilst in day-care?

We will have your emergency contact details. In situations when we cannot contact owners we can put dogs in isolation to prevent spread of infection. Should we feel a dog needed emergency care we would act accordingly. Our Doggy Day Care Tadcaster staff work with trained vets and can have help at hand at short notice.

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