Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.


We have adapted our business routines to comply with social distancing. To enable us to help keep everyone safe at this time we will be taking dogs in and releasing them back to owners using the ample space at the side of the unit.

Please watch the instructional video for further information.

Following the demonstration in this video, we will be able to maintain at least 2m between staff and owners. To prevent a bottleneck at the front to of the unit, where possible customers are asked to park in the free car park adjacent to the bus station and walk their dogs over.

Where customers have special requirements due to being vulnerable, having children in the car or any other reason parking outside is fine.

If you prefer we can also collect dogs directly from the boot of your car as long as we can maintain social distancing.

At this time Rover dogs will be working with its own leads, so asks owners to take their leads home and bring back when collecting. This will help any unnecessary cross-contamination.

We also ask at this time that payment is made via bacs, online booking or via debit card as demonstrated on the video.

All staff will be provided with PPE and have hand sanitiser on them at all times