Summer Dog Snacks To Keep Your Pets Cool!

Hello folks, and welcome back to another edition of our world-famous River Dogs dog blog! The official canine social team are currently in the United States on a mission to find out more about what makes dogs tick, but we’re still checking in to make sure that you get your daily dose of dog-tastic facts. The weather here is incredibly hot, so I’m glad we’ve come armed with information incase anyone asks how to help your dog beat the summer heat. We’ve been pretty interested in how our four-legged friends keep cool here over the pond, and it turns out that our Yankee-Doodle poodles are chowing down on Summer Dog Snacks to stay cool in the Californian heat. There are lot’s of different types of treats and snacks that they take along with them on the road, so we’ve grabbed a handful to write about for our readers back home. So, without further ado, let’s put all four paws to the grindstone and crack on with our American Summer Dog Snacks adventure!

Summer Dog Snacks – How To Keep Your Pooch Feeling Cool 

Before we crack on, I just want to give a little word of warning. These American dogs know what they’re doing when it comes to keeping fit and healthy; if you lived in Venice Beach than I guess you would have to aswell! They watch their figures and don’t over-indulge on sugary treats, so we advise that you monitor the number of snacks your dog has access to and maybe save them for a special occasion now and again. Ok; that’s the boring stuff out of the way, so let’s crack on. 

1. Frozen Yoghurt Bones

Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

The first recipe on our Summer Dog Snacks already has us feeling a lot cooler just looking at it! These Californian canines just love a tasty fruity snack, and this one even has a bit of British inspiration thrown in. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting back and watching Wimbledon or The Ashes, then you may have had a creamy snack a little bit like this yourself. The best bit about this tasty treat is that it’s made from all-natural products, and you could even have one yourself if you were feeling a little bit peckish!

All you need for this tasty snack is a bone mould (grab one from Amazon), some greek yoghurt, and your choice of berries. It works great with delicious strawberries cut up into little pieces; just remember to remove the leaves from the top first! Stick them in the freezer until nice and solid, and then serve with a re-run of this years Wimbledon Final or pass on to your furry friends so that they can enjoy them in the shade of the Garden tree. 

2. Banana & Peanut Butter Popsicles

These American Pupster’s love a good dollop of peanut butter whenever the weather gets hot, and the next treat on our Summer Dog Snacks is perfect for the cheeky canine that has a sweet tooth. This recipe has a few more ingredients than the last one, but the result will be twice as yummy and definitely worth the effort!

For these tasty tidbits, you’ll need; 32 ounces of plain yoghurt, two tablespoons of your favourite peanut butter, and two whole tablespoons of yummy runny honey. Add this to ⅓ cup of water and one large banana and whizz it all up in a food processor. Pour the ingredients into your bone moulds, or put into a little cup and use a dog biscuit as a popsicle stick if you want to get creative. I’ve worked up a sweat just thinking about how tasty this could be, but I might leave the dog biscuit out of my creations if I’m going to be tucking in. 

3. Frozen Kong

Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

How do you think that these beach-pups look so muscly all of the time? They work out with their favourite Kong, of course! I’ve always left these for my dog Pirlo when we’ve left him in the house, but filling it with a frozen treat is a totally new idea that I’ve never considered before now.

There are so many different mixtures that you could put inside for your pooch to lick out to keep cool. You could mix boiled potato and cheese together and leave to set in the freezer, or perhaps a similar mixture to the first recipe but swapping the berries out for a nutritious banana. You could even freeze some of their favourite tinned dog food and use that instead. The possibilities are as big as your imagination; just remember to use dog-friendly products that won’t be too rich for their stomachs. 

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4. Frozen Fishy Cubes

This next treat on our Summer Dog Snacks list is crammed full of protein and vitamins, and it’s sure to keep even the hottest dog cool on a summer’s day. All you’re going to need is a regular tin of tuna and 8 ounces of the plain yoghurt that you’ve been using for the other recipes in this list. Just mix both of the ingredients in a bowl and place into an ice cream tray or even your bone mould if you want to keep them looking like dog treats. They should be ready to snack on in around 4 hours, but you could always do them on an evening so that they are ready for a morning walk in the sunshine!

5. Minty Freeze Paws

Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

This last recipe is perfect for any thirsty doggies that might have a case of smelly breath just around the corner. If you’re strutting your stuff up and down Big Sur, then you never know which famous doggies you might come into contact with. The American pup’s that we’ve met always have a couple of these stashed away just in case a descendant of Lassie strolls around the corner, so maybe you could whip a few up and keep them in the freezer too!

All you’ll need for this tasty treat is a cup of plain yoghurt, and a small handful of both fresh parsley leaves and fresh mint leaves. Blend everything up in a blender until nice and smooth and add a splash of water if it looks a little too thick. Place them in the paw moulds that you got as part of the Amazon bundle above, and then stick them in the freezer for a few hours. Pop one in your dog’s mouth when they look a little ‘hot around the collar’ and watch them melt right before your very eyes!

Thanks for checking out or Summer Dog Snacks blog guys! We hope that you enjoyed our findings from across the pond and that you might try a few out if the weather gets a little bit too much back home. Remember, not all foods are good for a dogs digestion system, and not all dogs can eat the same food. If in doubt, take a recipe idea to your vet and speak to them for more information. Double-check all ingredients, and get creative with your own recipe ideas too!

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