Is Doggy Day Care Any Good? Poppy Investigates!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another River Dogs Dog Blog! My name’s Poppy, and I’m going to be your doggy hostess with the most-ess today! I hope that you all took a look at our guide on how to help your dog beat the summer heat as the temperatures are getting pretty hot! But for today, we’re going to leave the serious facts behind and take a little look at a question that I hear every day while walking around town – ‘is doggy day care any good’? I spend a lot of time at Dog Day Care with my best friends, and I can confirm that River Dogs is one of the most amazing places on the PLANET! But I don’t just wan’t you to take my word for it; I’ve interviewed some of my friends to get their opionions for you too so that you can make your own mind up. As our social team say every week; let’s put all four paws to the grindstone and start finding out why River Dogs Daycare is so amazing. 

Is Doggy Day Care Any Good? Our Resident
Pop-Star Journalist Poppy Finds Out!

Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

The first person that I approached with todays topic was my fuelled up Frenchie friend Diesel. When I asked him ‘is doggy day care any good’, he looked a little surprised as though I had approached the wrong person! It turns out that Diesel loves the Tadcaster Doggy Day Care scene as much as I do! Diesel enjoys the freedom to run around with his friends and doesn’t sit around missing home like he would do if he was somewhere boring and uninteresting. There are lots of things for him to play around with here at River Dogs, and he can often be found having a little nap in the snug around lunchtime – who says that humans are the only ones that can have siestas! Diesel’s favourite past-time is posing for the River Dogs social channels. You might have seen him strutting his stuff on our Instagram recently, and he’s always the first in the queue when the camera comes out!

Does Duke Think That Doggy Day Care Is The Bees Knees?

Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

When I approached duke with the question of ‘is doggy day care any good’, he laughed and asked if I was joking! After I assured him that my question was purely for research purposes only and that I too loved my time at River Dogs, he calmed down and gave me one of the nicest answers that I received while doing the rounds. Duke told me that he likes being around the River Dogs staff the most, and not because they smell nice or enjoy giving him some of the tastiest homemade dog treats around (both of those things are just a bonus!). Duke says that the staff at his favourite day care centre never fail to put a smile on his face, and that they treat him as if he was one of their own dogs. They’re always ready to dish out cuddles, and they keep a close eye on his health too. They pick up on stuff that might go unnoticed if he was home alone, and they always do their best to make sure that he has a good exercise session before home time. 

Albie, Is Doggy Day Care Any Good?

Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

The last person that I posed the question of ‘is doggy day care any good’ to looked a heck of a lot like a lion! So much so, in fact, that I hardly recognised Albie as I tip-toed over to ask my question and record my findings. Albie reacted in pretty much the same way as my other friends, looking at me as though I was the scary lion and not the budding and confident reporter that I had quickly become. Albie found it hard to pick a favourite reason as to why doggy day care is so good, but finally settled on the fact that it’s a great place to meet new pups and to hone social skills. Albie’s always been a bit of a class clown, but some of our customers sometimes find socialising with other dogs a little dauting. Albie and I usually take it upon ourselves to welcome new members of the group and always try to make them feel at home and a part of the family. With well over 100 dogs on the books we certainly have our work cut out, but it’s nice to keep busy, and we love seeing new pairs of floppy ears and wagging tails bounding through the door in a morning. 

So there you have it! I hope that the next time somebody asks you ‘is doggy day care any good’ that you direct them over to my very informative blog and give them the hardcore facts! I would like to thank my three friends for taking part in my survey (even if they did think that the subject was ridiculous), and also you guys at home for reading my work and helping me to become a doggy journalist! 

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