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Hello everyone, and welcome to another brand new doggy day care dog blog from River Dogs HQ! As any of you who have been with our Yorkshire Doggy Daycare business for a while now will know, the weather on the Tadcaster Doggy Day Care scene is getting pretty darn cold! We’ve been wrapping up warm and preparing for winter, but some of our four-legged friends are refusing to believe that Summer has gone for another year. Instead of relaxing in a warm doggy home and reading a copy of ‘New Dog‘ by the fire, a few individuals are insisting that it’s perfectly fine to walk around with flashing collars advertising ‘dog swimming near me!’ twinkling in the pre-dawn light. We’re far too sensible to follow suit and start jumping into the River Wharfe in October (probably because we don’t have any fur to keep us warm). If it was the middle of Summer or we were considering a stint in the River Dogs paddling pool after a couple of warm kettles had been deposited, then we’d be on with the speedos and enjoying a nice dip!

There is a very important point to this blog amongst all of the ideas about diving dogs and paddleboarding pooches (I know it’s hard to believe). Our aquatic furry friends have brought up a couple of questions about exercising in amongst the waves or down by the riverside; what are the benefits of doggy swimming, and what are the dangers to look out for? The Pointer Patrol and the Springer Squad have had all four paws on the trail in search of this information; here’s what they found. 

Dog Swimming Near Me – Pros & Cons Of Dipping Your Paws Into The Drink!

Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

Swimming is a great way of exercising; we can’t keep the River Dogs away from the River Wharfe when the sun is shining, and we love watching them frolicking up and down the riverbank as they play with the ducks, frogs, and birds that call the reeds and bushes ‘home’. Here are some reasons why I smile whenever I see a dog swimming near me while we’re out on the trail.

It’s An Easy Way To Improve a Dog’s Health

One minute of swimming is worth four minutes of running, making it a quick and easy way for your dog to get the exercise that he or she needs and deserves. But the benefits don’t just stop there. Swimming can provide other important health benefits such as maintaining a strong and healthy heart and lungs, decreasing inflammation in creaky or painful joints, increasing metabolism (better stock up on those homemade dog treats!), and improving your dog’s circulation which will help them to keep a healthy coat and their skin in top-notch condition. Is that a dog swimming near me, or is it a shark! Oh, it’s just Poppy using her tail as a propeller. Stand down, Mr Coastguard. Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

Warm Water Swimming Is Therapeutic & Stress Relieving

In the same way that us two-legs love getting into a nice warm bath and relaxing while our stresses and cares melt away, dogs also like to get into warm water and let the soothing currents ease their aching muscles. Warm water swimming also helps to promote blood flow and muscle strengthening, but we think that they mostly do it for the Radox and the chance to listen to the Archers on the radio. That doesn’t mean that I panic if I see a dog swimming near me in the middle of winter; my dog doesn’t seem to care whether it’s snowing or shining outside, he’s always up for a paddle!

It’s Great For Overweight Dogs

We’re not judging, guys. Everyone likes to pig out over the holidays, and there’s a lot of those coming up at this time of the year! If you’re a poochy-pal and know where I’m coming from, then perhaps you could ask your owners to look into taking you to a doggy swimming centre near you for a little bit of gentle exercise to knock off a few pounds. Swimming will be much more comfortable for you as you won’t be causing any strain on your muscles and joints and, as we’ve already shown, swimming is the best way for a dog to burn off calories. What are you waiting for; let’s hit the pool!

The Downsides Of SwimmingOur day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

Of course, if I see a dog swimming near me and he or she looks a little stressed out or uncomfortable, I’m the first one to jump in and do my bit to make sure that they’re ok (they don’t call me the David Hasselhof of the social team for no reason)…(ok, no one actually calls me that). If your dog isn’t a confident swimmer and finds themselves in water that is a little too deep, then things could start to get a little hairy quite quickly.

The same goes for water temperature; while some dogs like my zany Weirmeraner will plough on into any water no matter what the temperature, other (normal) dogs might get a shock if the water is too hot or too cold. It’s a good idea to test any water that your pooch might want to swim in before they get chance to get too near, but we know that’s not always possible if your pet is off the lead. So, as any well put argument has to have two sides to the story, here are some things that make me feel a little edgy when I see a dog swimming near me. 

Blue-Green Algae Is A Dangerous Water Hazard

Those strange things that we know as blue-green algae aren’t actually algae; they are a collection of bacteria called ‘cyanobacteria’ that clump together in bodies of water. They look a little like brown dots and green flakes in the water, and in some rivers and streams, they can appear as foam at the side of the bank. Cyanobacteria produce harmful toxins that are quite often fatal to dogs, so if you’re heading somewhere new for the first time and aren’t sure about what the watering holes and rivers look like, then keep your pet on the lead for their own safety until you’ve had chance to check out the surrounding areas. 

Jellyfish & Paws Do Not Mix Well

Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

If you’re planning on taking your dog abroad at any point in the near future, then make sure that you scout the beach first on foot before letting them run around and get all giddy in the waves. Jellyfish that have washed up on the shore won’t take too kindly to claws or noses sticking into their business, and if you’ve been stung by a jellyfish yourself, then you’ll know how much it hurts! If you’re heading to a beach for some winter sun, then it’s a good idea to carry a jellyfish kit with you just in case. Dogs are not able to explain when they are in pain and will often carry on as if nothing has happened, so you need to be on the lookout for any welts or scarring and act accordingly to make them feel better.

Not All Dogs Are Natural Swimmers

Some dogs have it, and some dogs don’t. Dogs either like swimming or they hate it, it’s not a case of some being high-flyers and some being under-achievers. You can teach a dog to swim, but you should never force your pet to do something that he or she doesn’t like. If you’re going to try swimming lessons while on a walk, then make sure your pet is wearing a doggy life jacket and that the water isn’t too deep that you can’t get out to rescue them if they’re having a hard time. Even with a life vest, make sure that you don’t leave them unattended and always swim in somewhere that you have checked out beforehand. 

Thanks for checking out our soggy doggy blog(gy) today. I hope that you’ve picked up some useful tips and facts, and I for one will certainly be keeping an eye out for any dodgy-looking algae the next time I see a dog swimming near me! 

Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

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PLEASE NOTE – Certain elements of our ‘Dog Blogs’ are fictitious and for entertainment purposes only. River Dogs takes great care to make sure that only dogs that are comfortable swimming ever enter the water when it is safe to do so and only on their owner’s permission after guidelines have been set. For more information about our policies, services and business values please visit the River Dogs website.

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