Raiders Of The Dog Blog Ideas – A River Dogs Rescue!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another River Dogs Dog Blog. I’m not going to spend too long introducing who we are and what we do (you can find all that out by visiting our website) because we have a serious problem on our hands, and it concerns our world-famous dog blog ideas!

If you can remember (and let’s face it, how could you forget!), our last dog blog covered the terrifying discovery that all of the dog lovers in Tadcaster had disappeared! My trusty friend Penny and I were on the case to try and ascertain their whereabouts when a note dropped through the letterbox in our Yorkshire doggy daycare door. It was from a mysterious criminal, and it told us that we had to do exactly what they wanted or else we’d never see Helen and the gang again. The game was afoot, and even with all four paws on the tarmac, time was not on our side. Let’s pick up where we left off last week as this chilling tale concludes.

Raiders Of The Dog Blog Ideas – The Mystery Resolved!

Penny and I looked at each other in disbelief. Helen and the gang had been taken and we had no idea where. I turned the note over a couple of times and then held it up to the light. There was nothing there that could help us to find our friends, not even a sinister-sounding clue that could have helped us to figure out where they were being held or if they were still safe. 

The phone rang and Penny jumped up about a foot into the air. I caught her and picked up the receiver. 

   “Hello?” I asked.

   “Did you get my note,” came the reply. It was a deep, almost robotic voice that sent shivers all of the way to the tip of Penny’s tail. 

   “Where is Helen!” I shouted. “Where are our friends?”

    The mysterious voice laughed. “If you want to see them again, you’ll have to give me all of your dog blog ideas.”

   “Never!” shouted Penny. The phone went dead and Penny jumped down onto the floor. “I gotta get home, she whispered, head bowed from the fear, “you gotta find yourself another partner!” She shot off through the door and out onto the street before I even had time to protest or persuade her to stay. 

Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

With my partner gone, I had to find a new pup to help me solve this mystery. I looked around the daycare unit and saw a sleepy pup that had just woken up. 

   “Barney!” I cried. “I could do with some fresh blood on the case. Do you fancy giving me a hand?”

Barney shrugged and hopped down onto the floor. It seemed as though I had a new nose to help me track down our missing friends. 

   “Who could be after our dog blog ideas?” I asked Barney. 

   “Have you got any homemade dog treats?” he asked in reply. This was going to be a tougher case than I first thought. 

   “I think I know why..”

I turned to see where the voice had come from and found Chester staring out of the window. He was as still as a statue and quite obviously working as a covert operative. “Come over here!”

Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

Barney and I skulked over to Chester’s chair and leant in closer. “You want to know who’s after your dog blog ideas?” he asked. “Take a look over there!”

I picked up a pair of binoculars that Chester had been using and looked out of the window. A small man was crouched behind a bush on the other side of the road, peering intently at the front door of the unit. 

   “I saw him drop the note off a couple of minutes ago,” said Chester, still not moving an inch, “and then he ran over the road and pulled out his mobile. It’s that creepy Polkis Pemberton from the new Doggy Day Care centre in Selby, Tail Jail. He must be the one that’s taken Helen and the gang!

I backed slowly away from the window and gathered the River Dogs around me. Scared and confused faces looked back at me, but I did my best to remain positive. I explained what Barney, Chester, and I had found and that we needed each and every dog’s help if we were going to be successful in scaring the culprit away. 

   “We’re not giving anyone our dog blog ideas, and we’re going to get our friends back! Who’s with me?”

Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

The dogs wasted no time in banding together and running straight out of the front door towards the hidden stranger in the bushes. Cars screeched to a halt as our band of furry brothers and sisters ran across the road, Polkis Pemberton’s hands wringing nervously together as he spotted the oncoming four-legged horde galloping towards him. With a yelp, he turned tail and ran as fast as his legs would carry him, his scurrying feet leaving clouds of dust as he scarpered. The dogs chased him all the way out of the town and out of the county before returning to the River Dogs unit. 

   “He won’t be coming back in a hurry, said Barney with a smile. 

Our day care unit provides a consistent, fun and caring setting for your dog to play, relax and socialise so you can focus & concentrate on the day job.

With Polkis gone, my team of doggy detectives took a trip to Tail Jail and found Helen and the rest of the River dogs Team. We brought them home safely and told them all about the failed attempt to steal our dog blog ideas. We were pleased to know that they weren’t harmed in any way and that they were all in pretty good spirits. All of our puppy pals got quickly back to life in the slow lane, except poor little Roland, that is, who is still waiting underneath his favourite chair until the coast is clear!

Thanks for reading the conclusion to our terrifyingly thrilling dog blog everyone, and we hope that you enjoyed reading about this story, our latest and hopefully greatest of dog blog ideas. Stick around and check out what happened when the Pointer Patrol went on their very first mission, and find out what our furry customers think of our dog day care values and policies!

PLEASE NOTE – All River Dog’s dog based ‘Dog Blogs’ are fictitious and for entertainment purposes only. These blogs do not accurately represent River Dogs doggy daycare policies and are born from the imagination of our social media department. For more information about our policies, services and business values, please visit the River Dogs website.

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